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Butterflies In My Stomach

There are times I think that the world is so huge, that what I have to offer seems like giving a shark a tic-tac. But, there is an African proverb that says, "If you think you're too small to make a difference, try spending the night in a tent with a mosquito."  Life gives us these nudges and hints to tell us we should never be afraid of the talents we were born individually to offer.  My heart's desires have turned from whispers to shouting matches with my soul, "C'mon Synetta! Live! Give! Share!" For as long as I can think back, I've always been afraid. Fear was one of my closest companions.  Always whispering in my ear. I was afraid of people and their opinions about me. What if I make a mistake? What if I'm not good enough? All of the 'what ifs' in my head were paralyzing me and stopping me from living a purpose filled life. Whenever I would have to speak or even walk into a crowded room it literally felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. Fear had a strong grip on me and I had had enough. Finally, after many years of growth, life experiences and long prayer sessions, I decided that fear wasn't going to hold me back any longer.  Now, whenever I feel afraid about something, I've decided to do it anyway.  It seems as if those butterflies in my stomach are never going to go away. So I made peace with them! I accepted the fact that yes sometimes I'm unsure. Sometimes I get nervous in crowds of people. Sometimes I make mistakes. But I've finally made my way out of the cocoon that tried to paralyze me from trying new things and more importantly, doing the things that I love.  Whenever those butterflies in my stomach show up, I dance and rejoice with them! Fear is no longer my enemy but rather just a reminder that I am human. I am here. And I am more than enough!

So, here I am - Knees knocking, fingers shaking as I type, with butterflies in my stomach. I no longer will stand frozen in fear as time passes me by without clinging to the belief that if I give all I can, then effort has no choice but to release its rewards. I'm in love with thrifted fashion, beauty, photography, food, and lots of other things that I will share through my passion of writing. 

Together let's discover a magnitude of ideas and watch the manifestation of all our lives getting better, feel better, look better, be better! I would love for you to join me on this journey as I share with you my world and as I connect, reconnect with my highest self.