The success of this organization depends strongly on the help and partnerships of others and the community as a whole.

Our overall vision of Butterflies In My Stomach, Inc. is to inspire, empower and uplift others. The services that we provide to reach young woman and woman alike are:

Mentoring Services

This service was created to help young woman approaching college or approaching the world after college have a great sense of confidence. Fear is one of those things that cripples many people. They are afraid of stepping out into the world and expressing their own individual. The mentoring program helps them with a variety of issues such as self esteem, positive self images, setting safe boundaries, building confidence based on knowing their strengths and more. The ultimate goal is that they hit the ground running and able to be a positive and productive part of their communities while reaching their wildest dreams.

We are currently partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands and mentor both junior and high school students in a group setting.

One on one mentoring is also available for young woman and adults upon request.

Your continued support is needed. Sign up to our email list so that you will always know what's going on. We need volunteers, speakers, trainers and monetary assistance to carry out the programs throughout the year.  

Please note: The custom t-shirts that we make help to support some of the activities planned for upcoming events. Your purchase is a great way to support our efforts.  Check out our t-shirt store here.

Thank you in advance for being a part of our efforts.